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Marko Stout

Urban Metal Prints "Lips" by Marko Stout (Limited Edition in 8 Vibrant Colors)

$ 4,800.00

Marko Stout
New York City 2017

Marko Stout's vibrant digital dye sublimation works infused in aluminium are available in seven hot colors (Black, Red, Purple, Red, Blue, Pink, Lime and Gold). 

Individually they are amazing! But as a set of 3 or more this is truly an impressive statement of urban cool!
These metal prints come ready to hang for a stunning contemporary look. No frames required. Aluminum has become Marko Stout's signature element. These aluminum works  are tear-proof and waterproof, as well as scratch and UV resistant.  The material is lightweight, durable, highly resistant to corrosion, does not rust and is naturally flame retardant, so you can be sure your this valuable work will last. Also, the reflective quality of the aluminum panels adds luminous color, depth with high resolution detail... very modern and very cool. 
Size: 20" x 20"
Limited Size: Limited edition of just 35 + AP

Delivery time: 7-14 days.