"You close your eyes but the vibrant color remains"


"Marko Stout has Charisma, Nerve and Uniqueness! and Talent!!" - RuPaul      

"An Immortalisation of Pop Glamour"

Vibrant moments when our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition!


Marko Stout’s work is an immortalisation of pop glamour; a snapshot of those rare epiphanous vibrant moments when our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition. It stretches beyond encapsulation of aesthetic and extends to an offering of meaning and an extension of culture. The urban landscapes and the people who find rapture in the abstraction of monotony are deftly depicted in the images which violently flips narratives of the human condition. 

With a contemporary gaze, Stout salaciously invites the viewer to explore the darker, grittier facets of sexuality whilst alluding to the paradigm-shifting mesmerism which can be found if you allow your vision to fall into the beauty of exploration, expression and erotica. 

Accolades may still fall around Warhol as the Art Pop fanatics cling to the nostalgia of his influence, yet, Stout’s exhumation of carnality holds a mirror to the disparity which lingers between true desire, and the filtered experiences we pretend to crave. With cathartic honesty, the real world is put before you, polished with a cinematic infusion of rock candescence. Void of smoke and mirrors, the art lustrously blinks with resonant realism, pulling you from the comfort of archaic Pop Art into a modern realm of unfiltered ardour.

 "I don't want my art to be the image, I want it to be the meaning!" - Marko Stout   


"Images violently flips narratives of the human condition."

"There's a rebel lying deep in my soul" - Marko Stout


The high-priced fine art market has been in a slump with many New York galleries closing their doors over the last decade. In fact a 2018 article in The New York Time said the “New York art gallery scene is dead as we know it... however one artist has been proving that the New York market is far from dead. The New York artist Marko Stout, whom many are calling the next Andy Warhol, has reported huge sales at his last couple solo Manhattan gallery shows." Additionally, Stout has been drawing very large crowds of young enthusiastic fans with older dealers and collectors taking notice of the artist. Marko Stouts’ fans also include celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Katie Homes, Katie Couric and Taylor Swift. In videos posted on YourTube Charlie Sheen said “Marko Stout is a freaking genius” and Kaite Couric called Stout an “artist extraordinaire”. Marko Stout exhibits the same versatility as pop art legend Andy Warhol. Stout, is most famous for his large scale video installations, films, trademark metal urban print work and acclaimed sculptures.  

"Marko Stout is a Freaking Genius! His Art is Fabulous!" - Charlie Sheen (Actor)

"I'm Very Excited for Marko Stout's Work!" - The Kardashians 

"Marko Stout is Fantastic! I'm a Fan!"-  Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank)


"Lustrously blinks with resonant realism"

Celebrity Fans & Collectors

"I'm Very Excited for Marko Stout's Solo Exhibition! I'm Such a Big Fan!" - The Kardashians

"Marko Stout is a Freaking Genius! His Art is Fantastic!"  - Charlie Sheen

"Marko Stout I'm Such a Big Fan! Your'e Amazing.. I Love You!" - Snooki (MTV: The Jersey Shore)

"Charisma, Nerve, Uniqueness and Talent!" - RuPaul      

 "I Love Marko Stout's Art! I'm Such a Big Fan!" - Madison Hildebrand (Million Dollar Listing LA)

 "Marko Stout is Fantastic! I'm a Fan!" - Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank)

"Marko Sout is Amaze-Balls! I'm a Huge Fan!" - Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for Straight Guy)

 "Marko Stout is Amazing! Totally Crushing It!" - Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls)

  "Good Buddy Marko Stout is an Awesome Artist! His Stuff Really Rocks!!"  - Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe) 

 "Super Cool Art... Marko Stout is a Genius!" - Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008)

Select Recent Solo Exhibitions

Tribeca Gallery (New York), Gallery MC (New York 2019) Gallery (New York), Emmanuel Fremin Gallery (New York), Hope Gallery (London), Gallery MC (New York 2018), Sepia Gallery (New York), Josh Stein Gallery (Los Angeles) Artifact Gallery (New York), Jason Samuel Gallery (Miami),  Weinstone Gallery (Brussels), Das Brücheimer (Berlin), Art Nation Wynwood (Miami), Russian Museum or Art (New Jersey), Rivington Street Gallery (New York). 

Select International and Group Shows

INTERNATIONAL ART SHOWS: Art Basel (Miami), ArtExpo (New York), Armory Show ( New York), Art Hamptons (New York), Spectrum (New York, Miami), Art Paris, Art Wynwood (Miami), Armory Show (New York), Pulse (Miami), Art Cologne (Germany), Expo Chicago, Dallas Art Fair, Art Toronto, LA Art Show, Palm Beach Modern & Contemporary, Seattle Art Fair.  GROUP SHOWS: Weiss-North Gallery (Los Angeles), Pheonix Gallery (New York City), Caelum Gallery (New York City 2015), Gallery Margo (Jersey City), Madatart (New York City), Art Nation Gallery (New York/ Miami), Judith Cohen Gallery (East Hampton, NY), Rivington Gallery (New York City)  

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